BRC Presentation Archives


2021 ADFM 

"Research in the Era of Crises: COVID, Health Equity, Population Health, or Making a More Equitable Research Enterprise (Preconference workshop)"

2020 FMEC
Building Research Capacity: From Priorities and Strategies to Action

Building Research Capacity: From Priorities and Strategies to Department Actions (Preconference workshop)

Strategies to Address Research Challenges and Opportunities in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

2020 STFM
Creating Great Educational Research Projects

2020 ADFM
The Leader’s Guide to Decision-Making When Building Research and Scholarship Capacity (Preconference workshop)

2019 ADFM
Key Chair Decisions in Building Research and Scholarship Capacity

2019 STFM
Quality Improvement Projects as Research

A BRC Forum: How to Do Feasible and Gratifying Research by Aligning with Clinical, Quality and Operational Priorities

Building Research Capacity: Gathering US and Canada Chair and Research Leader Priorities and Practical Strategies

2018 STFM 

"I'm not a Researcher, Why Should I Do Research: How Participation in Research Makes Me a Better Family Medicine Educator"*

Presenters: Denise Hooks-Anderson, MD; Timothy Mott, MD, FAAFP; Allison Bickett, MSc; Fozia Ali, MD; David Schneider, MD, MSPH
*no slides were used at this panel discussion

2018 ADFM 

"The Role of Faculty Engagement in Building Research Capacity (BRC)"

Presenters: CJ Peek, PhD; Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP; David Schneider, MD, MSPH


"Means to Meaningful Mentorship"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH, Sandra Burge, PhD; Don Nease, MD; Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH; Hazel Tapp, PhD

2017 AAMC 

"ADFM Fellowship Workshop at AAMC"

Presenters: Myra Muramoto, MD, MPH; David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP

2017 STFM 

"Creating a Culture of Inquiry in Academic Family Medicine"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Hazel Tapp, PhD; Robert Post, MD, MS; Dana King, MD, MS

2017 ADFM 

"Joy in Research: The Role of the Administrator-Chair Partnership in Inspiring Research"

Presenters: Tony Kuzel, MD, MHPE & Vicki Humphreys; John Hickner, MD, MSc & Hayley Evans, MBA; David Schneider, MD, MSPH & Virginia Westermeyer, MBA

2016 NAPCRG 

"BRC Launch"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Don Nease, MD; Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP; Sandra Burge, PhD; Dana King, MD, MS; Hazel Tapp, PhD