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ADFM Programs & Offerings

ADFM offers a number of resources and programs for our members and others interested in senior leadership in Family Medicine.

There are also a number of formal and informal "peer" help and Networking options, outlined in more detail here.


For Chairs - including new and interim chairs


New Chairs are encouraged to visit our “New Chair Welcome Page” here for resources for new and interim chairs and other leaders in academic medicine.



Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

The ADFM Leadership Development Committee has a “hotline” service for those who have been asked to become interim chairs in the near future or have been in the interim chair role a short time and have not yet been connected with an advisor, but have immediate questions related to the chair job. Those with immediate questions related to taking a chair position or to being interim chair are asked to contact Amanda Weidner (



Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

Interested early career chairs (1 to 3 years) are paired with a more experienced chair advisor (5 or more years, preferred).  The pair commits to check-ins and communication on a regular basis, at least quarterly for 2 years, and to meeting in person at the Winter Meeting and other venues where both parties are present. Specific goals/objectives for the advising relationship are identified at the beginning, including a general goal of providing/receiving advice and approaches to problem solving/management dilemmas. The advisor may also serve as a facilitator for relationships with others for specific expertise or input, if needed.



Staff contact: Ardis Davis,

This annual workshop is aimed at a small group (ie 6 to 8) new chairs. The central feature of this program is a consultative model whereby: (1) new chair attendees prepare a case as pre-work describing their challenge/problem; (2) the team at MU reviews the case description and brings together necessary resources with the other attendees and faculty; (3) the MU team identifies key people within the institution that the individual new chair chooses for 1:1 consultations learning more about specific issues which may be translatable to his or her own institution or department.

More information is available here.



Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

A preconference focusing on various leadership development topics is held annually on the Wednesday afternoon of the ADFM Winter Meeting. New chairs, not-so-new chairs, ADFM Fellows, and senior leaders are all invited to attend. Examples of past topics include Financing Departments of Family Medicine, Normalizing Change and Managing People, and Leadership Competencies.

Information about the preconference is shared with the ADFM Meetings information when available.



Staff contact: Hannah Bruins,

BRC is a joint initiative between ADFM and NAPCRG in cooperation with STFM. BRC provides opportunities for all departments and residency programs to engage in a mutually beneficial learning community to leverage our strengths and resources for building research capacity. BRC offers a Brief Consultation Service and a Curriculum for all interested departments and residency programs and an Extended Consultation Service on a limited basis.

More information is available here.


For Administrators



Staff contact: Priscilla Noland,

This preconference workshop held before the ADFM Winter Meeting is designed to address critical knowledge and skills unique to that of directing the financial and administrative functions within a department of family medicine. The kinds of issues commonly addressed are: sharing best practices and success stories; developing and managing compensation plans; managing faculty recruitment; managing relationships with state, other government, and private funders; clinic management including practice transformation (PCMH and beyond); chair-administrator partnership; the role of the administrator in the department; and managing departmental resources.

Information about the preconference is shared with the ADFM Meetings information when available.



Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

A formal mentoring program that pairs seasoned ADFM Administrators (more than 3 years in a department) with new ADFM Administrators (less than 3 years) in family medicine departments that are closely related. The participant receives assistance with the transition to a department of family medicine administrative role and improves knowledge, skills and abilities related to that role. The mentorship program lays out a format for defining expectations and specific goal-setting.

More information is available here.


For Those Interested in Senior Leadership in Family Medicine



Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

The ADFM Fellowship is a year-long program (February to February) which provides academic leadership development for those interested in being a chair or considering that as a potential career direction. The program includes a Fellowship project, shared with colleagues through a venue at the ADFM Winter meeting; formal mentorship from a current chair advisor; and participation on the ADFM Chairs’ listserv during the Fellowship year and one year thereafter. It also includes participation in two back-to-back ADFM Winter meetings (these take place a Wed – Sat in February, dates and location dependent on year) and some extra programming, such as a Fellowship Workshop; an in-person New Chairs’ and Fellows’ Fall Workshop (typically early November); and webinars throughout the year.

More information about the ADFM Fellowship is available here.



Staff contact: Priscilla Noland,

The Senior Leader Program is a leadership development opportunity for leaders in Departments of Family Medicine who are not Associate Members of ADFM to attend the ADFM Annual Winter Meeting with their chair, with requested attendance at some conference “optional” events. This opportunity is intended to strengthen not only individuals' leadership skills but leadership in Departments. It exposes participants to innovations and benchmarks in all missions - patient care, teaching, and research across the country, and imparts training in core skills necessary for academic leadership. The Senior Leader must be nominated by the Department Chair. To be eligible for nomination, the individual must have been in departmental leadership for 2 or more years. Requests for nominations for this program are sent around to the Department Chairs in November/December preceding the February meeting.


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