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ADFM Commentaries in Annals of Family Medicine

Sept/Oct 2018
"The GME Initiative" and GME in States

July/Aug 2018
The Imperative For a Collective Impact Approach Among Family Medicine Organizations

May/June 2018
Where We've Been & Where We Want To Go: ADFM's 40TH Birthday Meeting

Mar/Apr 2018
ADFM and FMAHealth Boards' Engagement Around a Public Member Pilot Study

Jan/Feb 2018
A Shared Aim for Student Choice of Family Medicine: An Update from ADFM and Family Medicine for America's Health

Nov/Dec 2017
A Physician Scientist Pathway in Family Medicine Residency Training Programs

Sept/Oct 2017
ADFM is Turning 40!

July/Aug 2017
One Year of ADFM's Joy in Practice Initiative

May/June 2017
Finding and Maintaining the Joy in What We Do: The 2017 Annual ADFM Winter Meeting

Mar/Apr 2017
Putting the Four Pillars for Primary Care Physician Workforce into Practice Locally

Jan/Feb 2017
The Last 5 Years of the MU/ADFM New Chairs Workshop

Nov/Dec 2016
The Building Research Capacity (BRC) Initiative: To Be Launched at the 2016 Annual NAPCRG Meeting

Sept/Oct 2016
Stepping Through: The Transition from Department Chair.

July/Aug 2016
Reflections on Primary Care Research. Post-Starfield Summit: Thinking Pragmatically, Thinking Big.

May/June 2016
Thoughts and Themes from the 2016 ADFM Winter Meeting

Mar/Apr 2016
Engaging Learners to Achieve Escape Velocity in Transformational Education and Practice

Jan/Feb 2016
Building Research & Scholarship Capacity in Departments of Family Medicine: A New Joint ADFM-NAPCRG Initiative


Nov/Dec 2015
Partnering for Transformation: A Menu of Many Points of Entry for Your Department

Sept/Oct 2015
Influencing Student Specialty Choice: The 4 Pillars for Primary Care Physician Workforce Development

July/Aug 2015
Advancing the Primary/Specialty Care Interface Through eConsults and Enhanced Referrals

May/June 2015
Evolving Competencies for Chairs of Departments of Family Medicine

Mar/Apr 2015
Building Research Capacity in Departments of Family Medicine: Pearls from NAPCRG 2013

Jan/Feb 2015
Interprofessional Education: A Webinar Featuring Case Examples


Nov/Dec 2014
Electronic Health Records: How Will Students Learn if They Can't Practice?

Sep/Oct 2014
Evolving Perspectives on Population Health Management

Jul/Aug 2014
Family Medicine Must Find and Use its Power to Improve the Health of the Nation

May/Jun 2014
What Does Team Leadership Mean in the PCMH?

Mar/Apr 2014
Health System Change and Academic Departments

Jan/Feb 2014
The Four Pillars for Primary Care Physician Workforce Reform: A Blueprint for Future Activity



Nov/Dec 2013
Another Century of "Reform Without Change?"

Sep/Oct 2013
University of Missouri's "Reincarnated" Workshop for New Chairs of Departments of Family Medicine

Jul/Aug 2013

ADFM's 2013 Winter Meeting Focus: Moving to Value-Based Health Care

May/Jun 2013

Concept of a National Primary Care Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Laboratory

Mar/Apr 2013
Interprofessional Education

Jan/Feb 2013
ADFM's 3-year (2012-2015) Strategic Plan: Helping Departments of Family Medicine Lead During Transformative TImes

Nov/Dec 2012
It is Not About Us: Moving the Focus to the Team and the Patient

Sept/Oct 2012
ADFM's Mission, Vision, and Goals: Foundation of our New 3-year Strategic Plan

Jul/Aug 2012
ADFM's Fellowship Program

May/Jun 2012
Why ADFM Moved the 2013 Annual Winter Meeting

March/April 2012
Freeman J, McGrew M and the ADFM Education Transformation Committee: Producing Family Physicians: Our Medical Schools Must Do a Better Job

January/February 2012
The Council of Academic Family Medicine (CAFM): Where Academic Family Medicine Speaks and Acts as One

November/December 2011
Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty and Austerity

Sept/Oct 2011
In Pursuit of a Transformed Health Care System: From Patient-Centered Medical Homes to Accountable Care Organizations and Beyond

Jul/Aug 2011
Research Development: Stories from 7 Departments, 7 Lessons for All Departments

May/Jun 2011
Education of Students and Residents in Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH): Preparing the Way

Mar/Apr 2011
A Pivotal Time for Family Medicine Leadership Development

Jan/Feb 2011
Academic Health Centers: Will they survive?

Nov/Dec 2010
Health Reform, Academic Health Centers, and Family medicine

Sept/Oct 2010
Family Medicine Clerkship, Tracks, and Faculty Support for Family Medicine Education in Departments of Family Medicine: An Update

Jul/Aug 2010
The Challenge to Build Research Capacity in Family Medicine: Is our Discipline Ready?

May/Jun 2009
Program Requirements for Residency Education in Family Medicine: Incremental versus Reformative Change

Mar/Apr 2010
How to Manage the Pace of Practice Innovation Information Flow and Change? Introducing the ADFM Patient Centered Medical Home Taskforce

Jan/Feb 2010
Legislative Affairs
Allies in Family Medicine Advocacy: The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Nov/Dec 2009
Executive Committee
Out of the Ivory Tower: Engaging the National Dialogue on the Patient Centered Medical Home

Sept/Oct 2009
Medical Student Education
Impact of Expanding Use of Health Information Technologies on Medical Student Education in Family Medicine

Jul/Aug 2009
Executive Committee
Vision, Voice, Leadership: ADFM's Next Phase

May/Jun 2009
An Update on Family Medicine's Participation in Clinical Translational Science Awards (CTSAs)

Mar/Apr 2009
ADFM Chair Pipeline Taskforce
A Call for New Leaders: Building a Pipeline for the Future of Family Medicine

Jan/Feb 2009
Advanced Access in Academic Settings: Definitional Challenges

Nov/Dec 2008
Dear Mr. President: Reform Healthcare, and Keep it Simple

Sept/Oct 2008
Residency Education: Competency and Innovation

Jul/Aug 2008
Predoctoral Education
Community Faculty: Caught between the Dean’s Office, Academic Health Centers, Departments and the Fiscal Realities of Primary Care

May/Jun 2008
Council of Academic Family Medicine
Organizing our Academic Organizations for the Future of Family Medicine

Mar/Apr 2008
You Have to Be In to Win: Presenting Family Medicine’s Perspective in NIH Scientific Reviews

Jan/Feb 2008 
Electronic Health Records In Academic Family Medicine Practices: A Tale Of Progress And Opportunity

Nov/Dec 2007 
Talking the Legislative Talk: the Patient Centered Medical Home

Sept/Oct 2007
The Residency Review Committee and ADFM-Contrasting Perspectives?

Jul/Aug 2007
Priorities in Medical Student Education in the Face of Increasing Class Size

May/Jun 2007
Academic Family Medicine’s Response to CTSA

Mar/Apr 2007
The AAMC Academic Chronic Care Collaborative: Family Medicine’s Participation and Lessons Learned

Jan/Feb 2007
Intelligent Design or Evolution? Innovation in Family Medicine Residencies

Nov/ Dec 2006
Difficult Choices in Medical Student Education

Sept/Oct 2006
Title VII – Our Loss, Their Pain

Jul/Aug 2006
Next Step in Building Family Medicine Research Capacity: Finding the Way from Fellowship

May/June 2006
Saving Medicare: “It’s the Workforce, Stupid!”

Mar/Apr 2006
Keeping our Eye on the Ball: Managing the Evolution of Electronic Health Records

Jan/Feb 2006
The Family Medicine Road to the NIH Roadmap

Nov/Dec 2005
The Current Status of Medical Student Education in Family Medicine

Sept/Oct 2005
Family Medicine Legislative Advocacy: Our Powerful Message

Jul/Aug 2005
Compelled to Fail? The Innovator’s Dilemma and Family Medicine Residency Programs

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