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Be sure to also check out the Entrustable Professional Activities for Family Medicine End of Residency Training

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ADFM Members: 

Interested in running for ADFM office? Wondering about the ADFM Pathway to Leadership?

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On June 22, 2015, the ADFM Board of Directors approved the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan for the organization. 

Find the new strategic plan here.

Resources You Don't Want to Miss!

Check out the resources gathered by the ADFM Healthcare Delivery Transformation and Education Transformation Committees around Partnering for Transformation, Student Specialty Choice, Interprofessional Education, and for communicating at your home institution about primary care, specialty care, PMCH and population health.

All audiences can access the "Partnering for Transformation: A Menu of Many Points of Entry for your Department" here

All audiences can access the resources on student specialty choice here

All audiences can access the IPE resources here

ADFM members can access the PCMH evidence and population health resources here.

New Chairs Packet

Download resources for new department chairs.

White Paper on "Leading the Way in Accountable Care"

Read the White Paper by Harold Miller, Executive Director of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform, in follow up to our 2013 ADFM Winter Meeting:

Leading the Way in Accountable Care: How Departments of Family Medicine can help Create a Higher Quality, more Affordable Healthcare System

ADFM Data Use Policy

The ADFM Board of Directors approved a policy on ADFM data and its utilization on 9/26/2013. Download the ADFM Data Policy.

Partner Organizations of ADFM

AAMC's Council for Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS)

The Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) of the AAMC has reorganized with over 330 members from across academic institutions and societies. Among the membership are over 15 faculty from family medicine departments including a few of our own Family Medicine Chairs, and society representatives from ADFM (2), AAFP (2) and STFM (1).

ADFM's CFAS representatives submit regular reports to the ADFM Board of Directors and the membership of ADFM. Recent reports are below:


Check out the newest ADFM Newsletter here!

Updates from the "Family Medicine for America's Health" Initiative:

CAFM Corner

CAFM Publishes the "Four Pillars for Primary Care Physician Workforce Reform: A blueprint for future activity"

CAFM has adopted the "Four Pillars for Primary Care Physician Workforce" as a succinct model to identify necessary conditions to ensure the needed growth in the number of primary care physicians.

Read the commentary here

CAFM Educational Research Alliance (CERA)

Improve the quality of your educational research with mentoring and reliable data from CERA, the CAFM Educational Research Alliance.

Visit the CERA website here

Research Advocacy for Primary Care

CAFM has endorsed four strategies that support increased funding for primary care research.

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